About Us

Ophirtronic Sdn. Bhd. is specialized in supplying multiple quality electronic product lines throughout the Malaysia Peninsula and East Malaysia. We are pride to provide excellent customer service and technical consultation to our clients from both public and private sectors for a diverse range of applications.

The following are our primary market offering:

  1. AC/DC public address amplifier
  2. Speakers
  3. Microphones
  4. Voltage regulators
  5. DC-AC inverters/ with chargers
  6. DC power supply
  7. Automatic battery chargers
  8. Soldering and rework stations
  9. Regulated AC-DC Adapter / Switching Power Supply

For our commitment to customer service, we established the sales and customer service department focusing on technical advising and after-sales service/ repair. In addition, we employed the strategy of on-field sales service to thoroughly understand the current market need and tailor a solution for it.

We are confident that with our expertise, advanced technology and good customer service, we can fulfill our customer needs and deliver superior products. If you are interested in any of our products or seek consultation, please feel free to contact us.


Established in 1998, Ophirtronic first opened in Tangkak area, focusing on the sales of local electronic products which are well-known for the product quality. The business expanded to develop the own branding under OET incorporating the customer feedback and technical improvement. We established dedicated sales and customer service departments to emphasize the commitment on customer-centric service. With over 20 year of track record in the electronic field, Ophirtronic has become the customer’s first choice for quality electrical products with consistent technical advice of top-notched expert in the field.


Ophirtronic constantly strives to deliver best quality service exceeding customer expectation by fostering open communication with clients and maintaining the highest level of technical knowledge in the electronic field.