Power Inverter with Charger (PIC)

  • Input voltage range 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Output voltage range 115V AC or 230V AC
  • For the use in cars, boats, trucks, trailers and mobile homes.
  • Can be used for camping and get AC power for lamps, radios and TVs.
  • Can be used for emergency by attaching PIC to car battery or portable battery.
  • Ultra-Compact Metal Housing – small and rugged; can be stored easily in any toolbox, briefcase or glove compartment.
  • Low-Battery Alarm / Shutdown – automatically detects low voltage and shuts down to preserve battery.
  • Integrated Fuse Protection –protects from damages caused by outlet overload.
  • Illuminated On/Off Switch – shows PIC under operation and battery charged sufficiently